Finding the Shell

Getting to our super secret liberty hangout can be a challenge for first timers. Most people over rely on GPS, which will get you to the mills, but then you have two gigantic buildings with over 100 rooms to visit in a labyrinth. You won’t ever forget where we are once you visit, but you need to visit first.

Our Address:
Lower Mill Room B10
Three Front Street
Rollinsford NH 03869

Our door faces the Salmon River side of the “Lower Mill” building (it is “behind” the mill buildings, as you are looking from the road).
You will be parking behind the building right next to the river. If you are not along the river, you are not close to The SHELL.

In order to get to our door, enter the Upper Mills parking lot (One Front Street), turn right — inside the parking lot — and travel down the hill onto the “Lower Mill Road”. (Signs point to Rollinsford Public Library) The road goes only for maybe a block or so, traveling along the long side of the mill buildings on your left. When you reach where the mill buildings end and open out into a large parking lot, circle around the end of the mill buildings, past the outdoor seating for the Beer & Pretzel place, and approach the Salmon River. Keep turning left to start driving back behind the mill buildings.

Our outer door is in the first, south (concave) corner of that Lower Mill building, the first door (green) that you come to as you drive along the Salmon River (on your right) and the mill building (on your left). Look for the first parking spot once you see parking on your left. You may also park on the river side. 

Walk back between the building the river to the jutting out section of the building and enter our (green) door. To get to our room (B10), walk through the interior doors and along the right wall.