What is The Shell?

The Shell is a community space in Rollinsford, NH that caters to liberty lovers. It’s also an acronym which stands for “Seacoast Harbors Every Liberty Lover”. We host events, have parties, and grow our community.

A few of us liberty lovers on the Seacoast — with the encouragement of many others like yourself as well as the assistance of SWELL — are building a welcoming, inclusive liberty clubhouse for all liberty lovers around the Seacoast region.

We now rent a small space in a historic mill building to serve as our center for community. This is not necessarily our final location, but just a first step, a place where we can bring together all those who desire a welcoming Seacoast community, to explore everyone’s ideas of what such a space might look like and what it can provide to all of us, and to plan together our next step.

We have planted our flag to create “Seacoast Harbors Every Liberty Lover” (SHELL).

The Shell is a proud sponsor of
Seacoast Runs for New Generation 5k, a fund-raising event that will be hosted in the city of Portsmouth, NH on October 16th at 8:30 am.  This road race intends to attract runners, walkers, and anyone who wants to collaborate with volunteer enthusiasts in support of New Generation, a shelter and transitional housing facility for pregnant women, mothers, and children experiencing homelessness due to domestic violence, financial hardship, substance use and mental health challenges, among other issues. 

If you are eager to help and want to do it in a fun way, sign up and come join us at 105 Marcy St in Portsmouth at 8:30 am on October 16th.  

Let’s do Charity, have fun, and enjoy some competition!!